HealthCare Affiliates International, LLC - . . . Providing A Consortium of Global HealthCare Services.


Established in 2009, HealthCare Affiliates International (HCAI) provides practical, effective and creative solutions to key decision makers throughout the HealthCare Industry.  Barry G. Wolf and Alton M. Reynolds formed HCAI to meet the industry's ever-changing needs, challenges and opportunities.   With an international network of business partners,  HCAI is presently providing business services to our Clients throughout the United States and abroad including China, India, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.
As Co-Founders, Barry and Alton work directly with our Clients, who benefit from our combined 75 Years of proven business expertise and capabilities.  We provide creative and cost-effective business and real estate solutions for our Clients.  Additionally, our international business platform enables us to identify business opportunities globally for our sophisticated and market-focused Clients.
HealthCare Affiliates International offers a menu of services to meet our Clients' needs and expectations.  Below is a summary of our services.
  • HeathCare Real Estate Acquisitions and Dispositions;
  • HealthCare Business Mergers, Acquisitions and Dispositions;
  • Business and Real Estate Financing;
  • Valuation Services; 
  • Executive Search Services; and 
  • Healthcare Business Consulting Services.

HealthCare Affiliates International, LLC

"Providing Viable Global HealthCare Business Solutions"
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